Thursday 4 June 2015

Packed Trains - Time to #RestoreInnerWestLine

Overcrowding on the South & Western lines can be reduced with the restoration of the Inner West Line (Liverpool via Regents Park). Patronage on the South and Western Lines have exceeded 100% as all seats are taken and it's an uncomfortable standing commute.

Sign the Restore Inner West Line petition!
Government statistics show that patronage on Inner West Line has fallen since October 2013 (when the line was cut in half to Homebush). Commuters have been forced onto the South and Western Lines as well as been encouraged to drive to their destinations fueling road congestion.
It is clear that the October 2013 timetables changes that cut the Inner West Line to Homebush has reduced patronage due to a lack of services for South West Sydney.
Suburbs such as Lidcombe, Bankstown, Chester Hill, Cabramatta, Liverpool have some of the highest dependencies on cars and yet Mike Baird and the Liberals cut train services by removing the Liverpool via Regents Park (Inner West Line) route from the area and spending money on new motorways while train tracks remain unused...
Andrew Constance is the Transport Minister for NSW. Tell him it's time to Restore Inner West Line.