Wednesday 28 September 2016

Restore Inner West Line: Western Sydney Rail Submission

Restore Inner West Line supports new train services for the Western Sydney Airport.

We believe that restoring the Inner West Line to Liverpool is an important first step to improving public transport for Western Sydney.

Following reinstatement of Liverpool via Regents Park train services, we believe that the Inner West Line should be extended to Campbelltown using existing South Line tracks.

Current Campbelltown via Granville train services should be re-routed to the Leppington.

The South West Rail Link should be extended from Leppington to Badgerys Creek for the Western Sydney Airport followed by a north-south rail line to St Marys and Narrellan.

Connecting Western Sydney Airport train services to the Western Line and South Line best serves the greater Western Sydney region as identified in the Scoping Study Discussion Paper (Figure 13 on page 31).

We also believe the rail line should be ready by the time the airport is open for commercial flights.

Restore Inner West Line also supports increasing the capacity of the existing heavy rail network.

Please refer to the marked up map for a summary of Restore Inner West Line's submission for Western Sydney Rail.

Restored/Extended Inner West Line: City - Lidcombe - Regents Park - Sefton - Cabramatta - Liverpool - Campbelltown
Modified South Line/South West Rail Link - Western Sydney Airport Line: City - Granville - Glenfield - Leppington - Bringelly - Badgerys Creek/Western Sydney Airport