Monday 6 January 2014

Pay More to Wait Longer

Commuters around Sydney are unhappy with the latest fare increases implemented on 5 January 2014. Despite claims by the State Government that the price rises are in line with the consumer price index, there are some instances where the new higher fare exceeds the inflation level. The full list of price hikes for Sydney's transport services can be found at the Transport InfoLine website

Biggest Downgrade in a Generation

Negative consequences of the October 20, 2013 timetable changes include:
  • Loss of most train services between Liverpool and Homebush (via Regents Park)
  • Trains now only run twice an hour instead of every 15 minutes between Lidcombe and Liverpool
  • Major inconvenience for elderly, less mobile and students whom have to change platforms frequently
  • 80% of Bankstown line services (through Regents Park) have been cut
  • 98% of Inner West line services (through Lidcombe/Regents Park) have been cut
  • There are only 4 services from Liverpool to City via Regents Park each day instead of nearly 200...
  • Lost access to many Inner West stations e.g. Flemington, Homebush, Burwood, Ashfield stations... from Liverpool/Regents Park