Monday 10 March 2014

Sydney's Transport Black Hole

Yellow line shows where Inner West Line services have cut from Homebush to Liverpool

The State Government's train timetable has left many commuters especially around Lidcombe, Regents Park and Sefton in a transport black hole. Channel 7's Lee Jeloscek reports on the lack of train services in the area and shows how it's has impacting on students and other train commuters.

Students affected by lack of services

As a Western Sydney student studying at the University of New South Wales at Randwick, the commute before October 20, 2013 already a time and effort consuming adventure. With the introduction of the new timetable supposedly designed to improve train services, Berala is one of the suburbs that have fallen victim to the biggest downgrade in a generation. Now everyone has to change at Lidcombe station for overcrowded trains on the Western and South Lines to the City whereas previously there was a direct Inner West Line train from Liverpool via Regents Park through Lidcombe to the City Circle. For more commuter stories from students and other residents please go to and

Restore Inner West Line

Biggest Downgrade in a Generation
What happened in October?
  • Our trains terminate at Lidcombe, therefore most of our train service is gone
  • We lost a frequent 15 minute service departing Lidcombe to now a 30 minute departing Lidcombe
  • Inconvenient for comutters including elderly, less mobile & students have to change platforms more often
  • Lost 80% of our Bankstown line service
  • Lost 98% of the Inner West line service after October 2013
  • We lost over 140 trains a day to the city via Lidcombe

Saturday 1 March 2014

Berala Rally In the Rain - Month of Action

Over 150 concerned commuters gathered at Berala station calling on the state government to Restore the Inner West Line and to improve train services in the area. 
Photo by George Voulgaropoulos