Tuesday 11 February 2014

Transport Forum in Berala

Barbara Perry (MP for Auburn) speaking at Transport Forum. Credit/Image Source: Carly M (@ceymour)
Thank you to everyone who attended tonight's Transport Forum hosted by Barbara Perry (MP for Auburn) and thanks to Penny Sharpe (Shadow Transport Minister), George Campbell (Labor - Auburn City Councillor) and Tony Oldfield (Auburn Battler and Auburn City Councillor) for attending as well. 

The community interest in the forum was highly positive with 114 local residents coming in from Berala/Regents Park. The forum began slightly after 7pm with Barbara Perry's welcome and an overview of the train timetable change situation from Roy followed by Penny Sharpe's comments about action being taken in Parliament. Members of the community were then presented with the opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences and give suggestions for the community action campaign.
Key Issues identified at the Transport Forum:
  • Lack of train services for commuters between Lidcombe and Liverpool (via Regents Park)
  • Increased difficulty in accessing Inner West Line stations such as Homebush
  • Added inconvenience of extra interchanges at Lidcombe and Birrong stations
  • Overcrowding at Lidcombe station and for city bound trains at Lidcombe
  • A lack of lifts and ramps at stations in the local area limiting mobility for some commuters
  • School students being affected by the lack of services through Regents Park
  • Added cost of travel by car as infrequent trains, more pollution and congestion
  • Social effects of a lack of train services including disadvantaging workers and those reliant on trains
  • Unfair on South/Western Sydney to be discriminated against and the lack of community consultation before timetable changes were implemented
What the forum agreed on doing:
  • March will be month of action for #RestoreInnerWestLine
  • The first (of two) community group photos (rallies?) will be held at Berala station on Saturday 1st March at 9am, and also hoping to get local and TV media involved.
  • Tony Oldfield has agreed to help us make banners/signs for our month of action.
  • Barbara Perry will send a letter to local residents detailing ministerial contact details for the Transport Minister,Minister for Western Sydney and media contacts e.g. talk-back radio...
  • Everyone is urged to contact "flood" the Transport Minister, Minister for Western Sydney and Transport InfoLine (131500) with complaints and write, email, phone them about issues involving the train timetable changes.

Show your support for Restore Inner West Line and join us for a community group photo at Berala Station on Saturday 1st March at 9am. Please spread the word! We hope to get local and TV media attending as well. Thanks for the support!