Monday 10 March 2014

Restore Inner West Line

Biggest Downgrade in a Generation
What happened in October?
  • Our trains terminate at Lidcombe, therefore most of our train service is gone
  • We lost a frequent 15 minute service departing Lidcombe to now a 30 minute departing Lidcombe
  • Inconvenient for comutters including elderly, less mobile & students have to change platforms more often
  • Lost 80% of our Bankstown line service
  • Lost 98% of the Inner West line service after October 2013
  • We lost over 140 trains a day to the city via Lidcombe

Effects on the Area
An increase in the amount of train changes commuters will need to make, even for short trips. This increases travel time & is a major inconvenience for comutters such as less mobile people, students and families with young children. To put this in perspective, a 1.5 hour train trip could result from what is the equivalent of a 45 minute car journey. This increases traffic congestion, pollution as well as overcrowding at Lidcombe station and city bound trains on the Western/South lines.
See our Presentation (PDF) from our first Community Action Group Meeting for more information.
Our Objective: Restore the Inner West Line - Liverpool to City via Regents Park
(reintroduce regular Inner West Line trains between Homebush and Liverpool)