Saturday 27 February 2016

Statement regarding Berala Station Shutdown during Lift Construction Period

Whilst Restore Inner West Line welcomes the proposed improvements to Berala station, we call on Transport NSW to ensure that adequate levels of public transport are provided to commuters and residents in Berala during the construction period.

We believe that a complete shutdown of Berala station should be avoided where possible with an alternative construction plan utilised to allow for access to train services. Should Berala station undergo a complete shutdown, we urge Transport NSW to significantly increase the frequency of the 908 Bus, which is the only other form of public transport for Berala. Transport NSW should also provide a shuttle bus service between Regents Park, Berala, and Lidcombe stations. The temporary closure of Berala station should not affect regular train services between Birrong and Lidcombe on the Bankstown Line and we urge Transport NSW to not use the Berala Station Upgrade as an excuse to make further cuts to train services in the area. The residents and commuters of Berala and neigbouring areas also request the reinstatement of regular Liverpool via Regents Park train services as part of the Inner West Line route.

Berala Station Upgrade View from Campbell Street
More information abut the Berala Station Upgrade is available at: