Monday 6 January 2014

Biggest Downgrade in a Generation

Negative consequences of the October 20, 2013 timetable changes include:
  • Loss of most train services between Liverpool and Homebush (via Regents Park)
  • Trains now only run twice an hour instead of every 15 minutes between Lidcombe and Liverpool
  • Major inconvenience for elderly, less mobile and students whom have to change platforms frequently
  • 80% of Bankstown line services (through Regents Park) have been cut
  • 98% of Inner West line services (through Lidcombe/Regents Park) have been cut
  • There are only 4 services from Liverpool to City via Regents Park each day instead of nearly 200...
  • Lost access to many Inner West stations e.g. Flemington, Homebush, Burwood, Ashfield stations... from Liverpool/Regents Park

How this can be fixed - Restore the Inner West Line