Wednesday 13 November 2013

Auburn City Council Mayor's Message

Mayor Hicham Zraika
Extract from Mayoral Column (Auburn Review 12/11/2013)
When the new train timetables were announce not long ago, with great fanfare, we were all told that we’d have a faster, more efficient and more reliable train service. Unfortunately for those who are used to catching the train at Regents Park, the fanfare turns to disappointment.
With 13 services to be eliminated from the timetable, no direct City service and the need to change to already crowded trains at Lidcombe means the daily commute has been made harder, less efficient and more crowded and uncomfortable.

I acknowledge train timetables and the Sydney Trains operations are a matter for the State Government and not local government, but as a person who represents his community I have to express my disappointment at the negative effects of the new timetable for Regents Park commuters. It’s all well and good for Transport for NSW, which controls Sydney Trains, to talk about all the upside of the new timetables but they ignore the downside. The downside are the impacts on many of our local commuters, people who live in our City, and you’d think with all the computers and timetable geniuses who work for Transport for NSW they could do better. Council will take up the situation at Regents Park with the State Government.

Mayor Hicham Zraika