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Restore Inner West Line in the Media
City trains reduced for southwest Sydney commuters in 2013 timetable shake-up (Liverpool Leader 21/10/16)
Southwest Sydney commuters are worse off since the Sydney Trains timetable was substantially changed in 2013.
Changes designed to “detangle the network” and improve reliability on the Inner West, South and Western Lines instead reduced citybound services for customers at several stations.
Restore the Inner West Line Community Action Group spokesman Roydon Ng said passengers between Carramar and Berala can no longer catch direct services to the city from Liverpool.
Prior to the 2013 changes, customers from Berala could get to Central station via Regents Park on the Liverpool line in 36 minutes – now, that journey on the Bankstown line takes 49 minutes.
“Transport for NSW has failed to provide concrete evidence showing that the 2013 timetable change improved reliability on the Inner West, South and Western lines,” Mr Ng said.
A Transport for NSW spokeswoman said affected commuters could still access direct services to the city via the Bankstown line.
“Customers at Carramar and Berala both have direct services to the city via the Bankstown line,” she said.
“Customers at Carramar can board a train direct to the city on the Bankstown line – customers at Berala can board a train direct to the city via the Bankstown line or interchange at Lidcombe for direct services.”
But Mr Ng said this was just an excuse.
“They have cut the services on the Liverpool line via Regents Park, which is the shortest and fastest route,” he said.
“Now that those services aren’t there, there are two trains an hour with a 30 minute wait time in the evenings – so this is a very negligent response.”
The Transport for NSW spokeswoman said reliability had improved on the Inner West, South and Western lines with fewer trains skipping stations or running late.
“This reduces delays experienced by customers,” she said.
“Transport for NSW is committed to providing the best possible services for customers and we will continue to monitor the network to see how we can make further improvements.”

Busses to replace trains between Bankstown and Liverpool (Liverpool Champion 13/9/16)
University student Roydon Ng is leading a campaign to restore the Inner West Line after Transport NSW announced it would cut services between Liverpool and Bankstown.
Transport Minister Andrew Constance said the disruption to commuters and residents from the conversion of Sydney's Bankstown line to take single-deck metro trains was a "necessary evil".
The temporary closure of 13.5 kilometres of track between Bankstown and Sydenham will follow the shutdown of the rail line between Epping and Chatswood in the city's north from late 2018 to allow for the completion of the first stage of the $20 billion-plus metro rail project.
The latter will force commuters onto buses for seven months.
Mr Ng said that once the Bankstown Line had been converted to run Sydney Metro trains, the line would also be cut off at Cabramatta.
This means residents will no longer be able to catch a direct train from Liverpool to Bankstown and commuters will have to change at Cabramatta.
He said that during the conversion of the Bankstown Line all train services on the entire line would be suspended and replaced with busses. Services between Liverpool, Warwick Farm and Cabramatta and north of Bankstown will also have replacement bus services.
“If the Liverpool via Regents Park (Inner West Line) is restored then most stations west and north of Bankstown will not have to lose train services, saving many commuters from being forced onto buses,” he said.
“Also with the Liverpool via Regents Park train, Liverpool commuters can travel directly through Cabramatta to stations such as Chester Hill and Villawood without having to make an interchange.”
Fronting a budget estimates hearing recently, Mr Constance said the government and the project team overseeing the new line were still working through the technical detail and plans for the closure of the Bankstown line.
"There is no doubt that there will be disruption. We are not hiding from that fact," he said. "There is going to be a degree of construction disruption for the people of Bankstown."

Campaign and petition details:
Restore Train Service Push (Auburn Review 7//7/15)
FOUNDER of the Restore Inner West Line campaign, Roydon Ng has slammed the State Government's rejection of a review of train timetables.
He said it was "another demonstration of ignorance, neglect and discrimination against South West Sydney", including suburbs such as Berala, Regents Park, Sefton, Chester Hill and Villawood, which have all lost train services in the 2013 train timetable changes.
Bankstown MP Tania Mihailuk moved a motion in parliament last month to restore the Liverpool via Regents Park rail line, also known as the Inner West line.
She said Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, who wasn't in parliament as he was travelling overseas, had also signalled his commitment to restore the line.
"Commuters travelling from Carramar, Villawood, Chester Hill and Sefton to Strathfield or Burwood, have no option but to disembark at Birrong and wait for a train from Bankstown, which now terminates at Lidcombe Station," Ms Mihailuk said.
"They then have to transfer to another service to continue their journey to Homebush, Flemington, Strathfield or the inner west.
"The irony is that other services have also been affected by this change and commuters travelling to Homebush, have to get a train from Lidcombe to Strathfield, where they disembark and get a service that backtracks to Homebush."

Inner West Line Truncation Petition (2ser 107.3FM Radio 15/1/15)
Travelling to work or school or university can be a chore, but imagine if it took 3 hours out of your day. For one Sydneysider, that's the case. His name is Roydon Ng and is a student at the University of New South Wales.
He has been campaigning for over a year to restore the transport timetable to its former state, after new timetable changes were introduced in October 2013. The changes introduced more that 1000 extra train services, 1700 extra bus services, and 55 extra ferry services, but despite all the improvements, it has still resulted in inconveniences for some people. Roydon is currently working on a petition which has so far attracted 1000 signatures along with a Facebook page with 879 likes.

Campaign gets on tracks (Inner West Courier 13/1/15 & Daily Telegraph 14/1/15)
University student Roydon Ng’s campaign to restore the inner west line has received a welcome boost from Strathfield Council. The council recently appealed to Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian to restore the frequency of inner west train lines between Liverpool and Homebush. Mr Ng, a student at the University of New South Wales, has been campaigning for more than a year to restore timetable changes which removed the Liverpool and Bankstown to City via Regents Park services.
His round trip, a train and bus ride from Berala to the university, takes a lengthy three hours compared with just under two hours before the Government cut the Inner West Line at Homebush station last October. He started the Restore Inner West Line campaign just over a year ago in response to the train timetable changes. The accompanying petition has more than 1000 signatures and a Facebook Page of 879 “likes”.
He has considered driving, particularly to Strathfield Library where he often studies, but said due to the line cut, traffic congestion at the Arthur St/Centenary Drive intersection had worsened. Strathfield Council has listed traffic congestion at that intersection as one of the reasons why the train services should be restored.
“I am running this campaign as I know many people in the community have been affected, some have limited English ability and I would like to represent them and the rest of the community in fighting for fair, equitable and accessible public transport for the area,” Mr Ng said. “I have been contacting both sides of government for their policies regarding the issue and lobbying for Restore Inner West Line.”
Ms Berejiklian did not comment on whether the original Inner West line services would be restored.
“The Inner West Line now runs on a reliable clock-face timetable, with services every 15 minutes. South Line customers now benefit from 30 extra weekly peak services and on the Bankstown Line, customers can catch 35 extra weekly peak services,” Ms Berejiklian said.

Shops near station downturn (Auburn Review 4/11/14)
COMMUTERS and businesses are still feeling the pain a year after changes to train timetables according to Labor's Candidate for the Granville Electorate, Julia Finn (pictured). She joined Shadow Transport Minister Penny Sharpe at Granville Train Station last week to meet with commuters and business owners. Ms Sharpe said the new timetable resulted in 21 fewer peak hour services each day at Granville station, as well as slower journeys with express services no longer stopping there. Ms Finn said commuters were choosing other stations and taking their business with them."Local business owners have told me first hand they have experienced a decline in sales – there are fewer people around the station, because there are fewer train services," she said.
Roydon Ng from the Restore Inner West Line campaign also wants train services restored direct from Liverpool/Bankstown to City via Regents Park.
He said more people had been forced onto the roads resulting in increased traffic congestion.
"The Bankstown circle has also been cut to Lidcombe, therefore there are no direct trains from Lidcombe to Homebush," he said. "Commuters are now forced to change at Strathfield to go back to Homebush. "It is even worse for commuters travelling from Chester Hill/Sefton as there is also a forced interchange at Birrong just to catch a train towards Lidcombe."
However Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian said annual patronage on the Sydney Trains network had increased and crowding had eased since the major timetable rewrite. "The Bankstown Line had the biggest improvement in average loading since last year, dropping 24 per cent from 100 to 76 per cent in the afternoons, following the addition of two extra services during the afternoon peak in the new timetable," she said.

Bankstown state Labor MP Tania Mihailuk and opposition transport spokeswoman Penny Sharpe push NSW Government to return to old train timetable (The Daily Telegraph 18/03/2014)

Sydney's Transport Black Hole (7 News 10/03/14)
Yellow line shows where Inner West Line services have cut from Homebush to Liverpool

Angry call for action (Bankstown Torch 04/03/14)

OVER 150 residents braved the wet weather on Saturday to show their frustration over the introduction of the new train timetable on the Inner West Line. At the rally, the community asked that State Labor MP for Auburn, Barbara Perry, invite NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell and Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian to explain why services have been stripped from the line, which includes stations at Sefton, Berala, Birrong, Regents Park and Chester Hill residents. In what used to be an hour commute to work for Sefton resident Sisomar Srey, has now turned into an epic two-hour trip. Mrs Srey said since the timetable changed last October she has been forced to change trains three times to get to her work on the north shore. The librarian boards at Sefton, changes at Birrong, moves onto another train at Lidcombe, before boarding another service at Strathfield, to get to her job on the north shore. "It's ridiculous," she said. Ms Perry said residents from Regents Park, Berala, Sefton, Birrong and Chester Hill, had been hit the hardest by the changes. "Since the timetable changes, residents are now catching three to four trains to get to school, work, doctor's appointments and visiting family and friends when previously they only caught one train," she said. "The community feels that they are being taken for granted and have been treated badly by the changes to the Inner West Line. This is unacceptable."

Angry call for action (Auburn Review 04/03/14)
Read: Angry call for action (full story)

Rally to restore Inner West Line (Tribune International 03/03/14)

悉尼西區居民集會籲恢復內西線鐵路 Western Sydney residents rally calling to restore the railway line (Epoch Times 03/03/14)
Source: Epoch Times

Concerned commuters in day of action (Auburn Review 25/02/2014)

Cuts Anger Commuters (Auburn Review 18/02/2014)

Credit/Image Source: Carly M (@ceymour) | Article: Auburn Review | Image and article combined by Roy.

Timetable Hell (Channel 10 News 16/12/2013)

Petition to Restore Rail Services (Auburn Review 12/11/2013)

MORE than 450 people have signed an online petition calling for the State Government to restore train services on the Inner West Line between Lidcombe Homebush and Liverpool following the introduction of new timetables last month. Berala resident Roy Ng started the petition, which also asks for more direct trains from Liverpool to the city via Lidcombe, less interchanges for commuters - especially at Birrong Station, and less overcrowding of trains at Lidcombe Station. The 20-year-old is a student at a university in the city, and said there was no political motive behind the campaign and that he and many of his friends were just frustrated by the changes. A train commuter for 10 years, Mr Ng said under the timetable introduced on October 20, it was faster for him to walk from Berala to Lidcombe Station than to wait 30 minutes for a train at Berala Station. "For some people, their language skills meant that they couldn't express how they felt about the timetables," he said. "We want to get 500 signatures. "Travel times have increased unfairly with a reduction of train services. "The changes forcing Regents Park bound commuters to change at Lidcombe place extra travel pressures on the elderly, students and other members of the community. "These changes also result in more congestion at Lidcombe Station as there will be increased commuters alighting for city services." For more information on the campaign, visit or sign the petition online at

Timetable shock for Chester Hill (Bankstown Torch 29/10/13)
FOR the hundreds of people who travel from Chester Hill to Strathfield for work every day, the introduction of the new train timetable came as a rude shock last Monday. While Chester Hill commuters previously enjoyed direct journeys to Strathfield in the morning and throughout the day on the Inner West Line, they now have to travel on either the Bankstown Line or change trains twice – at Birrong and Lidcombe. The Liverpool via Regents Park Line is the main service for commuters travelling from Chester Hill and Sefton heading to Lidcombe, Strathfield and onto the City. Chester Hill to Strathfield direct services have been reduced to two in the afternoon. The changes will more than double commuter travel time as trains on the Bankstown Line will now terminate at Lidcombe station. Chester Hill commuter John Etheridge said he was disappointed: "I travel to Strathfield often and now have to change trains twice to get there – it is very inconvenient." State MP for Bankstown, Tania Mihailuk, said the need to change trains twice would cause delays and add to the stress of commuters going to work: "This stress is made even worse for people who are less able-bodied, as there are no lifts at Birrong station and the time they have to change trains is as little as three minutes." Ms Mihailuk urged the Government to immediately reverse these changes. A Transport for NSW spokesperson said the timetable was designed by experts based on demand to improve journey times for customers travelling from stations further away from the city and help reduce crowding.